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Aspire PockeX Vape Pen Kit

3,399.00 2,399.00

Aspire Spryte AIO Vape Pen Kit

3,699.00 2,699.00

Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen Kit

4,499.00 2,499.00

Innokin Endura T20 S Vape Pen Kit

5,499.00 2,499.00

Innokin Riptide Crios Vape Pen Kit

6,999.00 3,999.00

Smoktech Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit

8,499.00 4,499.00

Smoktech Stick X8 Vape Pen Kit

6,499.00 3,499.00

Vaporesso Drizzle Vape Pen Kit

3,199.00 2,199.00

Vaporesso Veco One Plus Vape Pen Kit

6,299.00 3,299.00

Vaporesso Veco Solo Plus Vape Pen Kit

4,499.00 2,499.00

Vaporizer Starter Kit

Vape pen starter kit

The process of developing a vape is itself a tedious one. Mixing and matching various items to assemble the vape for a few good puffs of a vape is not very hard for the people. For this very purpose, various manufacturers have started to sell vaporizer starter kits that come with a package that includes easy plug and play kits.

The composition of a starter kitvape pen

Starter kits are specifically designed to ensure that you have an easy time even when you are exploring the vaporizers for the very first time. Moreover, people with less and no experience of vaping always find it troublesome to perform its basic maintenance. Starter kits provide a hassle-free experience of vaping without paying much heed to the e-liquids, coils and all the innumerous supplies that come with a vape that must be taken care of.

Therefore, these are low output regulated devices. It consists of integrated non-removable batteries and use and throw vape pods. This maximizes ease of use and the safety while using the device too. Thus, a single system with all the small parts and accessories preplaced into the kit is all you need to get started with your vaping experience.

Choosing a starter kit

All the newbies will enjoy going through this guide. One should buy starter kits keeping in mind that it’s easy to use. It should offer the widest range of temperature and flavour options.

The easiest vapes that come in the shapes of a cigarette and are often called ‘cig-a-like are the cheapest and easiest to use vaporizers in the market available today. Consisting of two units, a rechargeable battery and use and throw vaping pod with the liquid and the heating element fixed as a system and provides ease of use and hassle-free vaping experience to the newbies.

Closed Pod System
Next up is the closed pod system which is again extremely easy to use but comes with better hardware design and more advanced performance. It consists of just one unit, which comes with a battery and a slot for the pod or the atomizer. Therefore, you just need to plug the pod into the system.


Refillable Tank Kits

Then, we have the refillable tank kits. These kits are larger and bulky in size but offer a number of advantages over the cig-a-like and the closed pod vapes. These kinds of vapes don’t come with pre-filled pods but have refillable clearomizer tanks which have to be topped up with the liquids which could be provided to you in the package. Either way, it offers you many choices in terms of the flavours and experimentation with different types of liquids.

They come with larger battery life and hence a larger vaping capacity as compared to the closed pod vapes and the cig-a-likes. The procedure to get assemble these vape kits is fairly easy with less to none expertise required in the vaping arena. Refillable tank kits come in a variety of options pertaining to the disposability of the elements. Thus, some come with disposable tanks, some with disposable coils and some, with everything fixed and permanent. Permanent kits are generally better in quality. Moreover, disposable kits do not last long.

People have a variety of choices to suit their preferences. Thus, every kind has its pros and cons which can be weighed against the needs and requirements of the user.

How does it help you quit smoking?benefit of e-cig

With people getting more and more conscious about their health and fitness, more and more people are trying to quit smoking and the harmful effects it comes with. In addition, this fairly new technique has helped people. All other methods apart from vaping are futile. Therefore, people all over the world are approving of vapes and e-cigarettes over cigarettes and other techniques as a way to decrease tobacco consumption. Vaping provides smokers with as much 80% less nicotine, providing alternative routes to consume the nicotine in the right amounts to satisfy the craving and cutting back on the health repercussions at the same time. Thus, vaping is a less hazardous alternative. Hence, smokers around the world are trying this.

Most popular starter kits

Trying to quit smoking is a big step forward in anyone’s life. The tools used to accompany this tedious journey should be exquisite. Here is a list of the best vape tools and kits currently on the market.

-Innokin Endura T20    
-Wismer RX Min
-Innokin Proton Plex 235 W Starter Kit
-Joyetech eGo AIO D22 X   Smok Mag Baby
-Halo Reactor Mega Kit
-VaporFi Vex 150 TC Starter Kit Bundle


I am a newbie in this world of vaping. Should I begin with a starter kit?

Undoubtedly, yes. We recommend you to begin with a starter kit.

Can I use nicotine salt juice in a starter kit?

No, we really don’t encourage that. We would not suggest you its use while using a starter kit.

For what amount of time should I continue with a starter kit?

Usually, one should use it for a duration of 3-6 months. The time period may vary from person to person. Therefore, we leave it to your personal discretion.

Which is the best starter kit, as of February 2019?

There are plenty of great vaping starter kits available in the market. But, Juul starter kit has been ruling the market sales chart due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness.