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Nicotine Salt juices for Vapes or Salt JuicesNicotine Salt juices for Vapes

Quitting smoking is becoming easier. The alternatives are in the form of Nicotine sprays, gums and patches are old stories now. The new trend in town is E-Cigarettes, which are gradually gaining popularity. E-cigarettes use nicotine salt vape juice which is the most popular substitute for smoking and you can also buy Nicotine Liquid Online.

E-cigarettes are vaporizers which use nicotine salt and arouse the feeling of smoking. While many are using it, many are still unaware of its benefits. Smokers are used to the intake of nicotine salt but it is the smoke which is dangerous. Consuming Nicotine salt in the vapour form is much more effective and safe.  


Let’s get familiar with the concept of Nicotine Salt Vape Juice.

What is Nicotine?what is Nicotine?

First, let’s know about Freebase Nicotine. This form of Nicotine can only be inhaled at extremely high temperature. Freebase nicotine is mostly in cigarettes which is addicted. It is the purest form of nicotine which is found in Tobacco leaves.


What is Vape Juice?vape juice

Vape juice is a liquid used in Vaporisers. It is also known as E-juice. JUUL starter kit or E-juice is made up of (PG) Propylene Glycol or (VG) Vegetable Glycerine which helps in distributing the flavour and nicotine throughout the liquid. It also contains food-grade flavouring which is the same as the flavourings used in ketchup, salad dressings, etc.

Nicotine in Vape juice is optional. Most people associate Vaping with Nicotine consumption. In fact, there are people who use vaping products with no Nicotine present in them.


What is Nicotine Salt?Nicotine Salt

Unlike freebase Nicotine, Nicotine salt is created by adding Benzoic Acid. The purpose of benzoic acid is to lower the pH levels in Nicotine salt. Traditional nicotine has a high pH level and alkalinity. Benzoic acid helps in making Nicotine salt inhaling smooth and pleasant. Also, it makes Nicotine salt vaporize at lower temperatures. This was a small amount of Nicotine salt can be taken in higher strengths.


Salt juice flavoursSalt juice flavours

The Nicotine salt vape juice is available in different flavours. Flavours add to the appeal of the product. From Vapewale you can buy Nicotine Liquid Online at the lowest price. Below is a list of Brands and Flavours in no particular order of popularity.

-Propaganda Salts – Blue Slushee
-Aqua Salts – Rainbow Drops
-Air Factory – Strawberry Kiwi Salts, Mad Hatter Juice
-Beard Vape Co. – No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco

A strength of Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

It has become a trend  buy Nicotine Liquid Online. Everyone’s requirement of nicotine salt strength differs according to their addiction. Doctors recommend choosing the correct strength of nicotine salt when you switch. People start with 12 mg nicotine level which is same as a Cigarette. It is advised to move 1 level at a time i.e. when starting at 12 mg then switch to 9 mg or 18 mg.

Low Strength: Your body is accustomed to a certain level of nicotine in your system. If you choose a level lower than your requirement then you might have symptoms of withdrawal. This will lead to smoking a cigarette or more vaping to compensate for the lack of nicotine in your system.
High Strength: On the other hand, if the chosen nicotine strength is more than what you need. For example: if you are a light smoker and you need 9 mg of nicotine. By taking 24 mg, you will overload your body with nicotine which can be a harsh hit on your throat. It can also cause you to feel light-headedness. This will hinder your first experience of e-cigarettes. Vapewale has become most popular for buy Nicotine Liquid Online because of Vapewale has all variety of Nicotine Salt juices Vapes.

Benefits of taking Salt Juice

Summarising the above let me point out the main benefits of using Nicotine salt juice vapes.
-Easy to use devices – Pod systems and small vape pens.
-Satisfaction – Higher strength of nicotine can be taken in small amounts.
-Pleasant – it’s a pleasant experience and it smooth on your throat.
-Variety – you have a variety of flavours to choose from.


Is Nocotine salt vape juice expensive?

The average price for a 15 ml bottle is $12.

Who can use these vape juices?

Vape juices with nicotine salt are for people who want to quit smoking. People can also use vape juice without nicotine.

Is nicotine salt vape juice safe?

It is safe when compared to freebase nicotine. It is a lot less dangerous than smoking.

Which vaporizer to use?

JUUL starter kit, Suorin Drop starter kit, Suorin Air and Aspire Breeze 2 are a few you can choose from.

What is JUUL?

JUUL is a Tobacco company which makes e-cigarettes.